Airport Consulting

Today airports are competing fiercely for airlines, legacy and low-cost carries alike.  Building the right air service development and acquisition strategy, combined with solid and innovative plans to sustain services, is fundamental for airports which want to grow in this competitive environment. >>>MORE

Airline Consulting

Consultants can never replace the talents and experience within a company, yet they can bring innovative new ideas, a fresh look, break down barriers and accelerate a process which may otherwise take years to implement. >>>MORE

Destination Consulting

Building on the diversity of the team members, CircleSolution can provide expertise in a wide variety of areas. We research the market, and complement the findings by applying benchmarking data. We translate the data into knowledge utilizing this information to develop our product , sales and marketing strategy. Our team does not only give advice, it also implements its recommendations therefore taking responsibility for our work. >>>MORE

The analysis we received from CircleSolution was spot on. We were able to approach potential airlines with confidence, realistic passenger projections and a convincing sales approach. The results demonstrate the excellent work. Monarch announced 6 weekly frequencies from the UK to Friedrichshafen. Christian Wulf, VP Sales & Marketing Friedrischshafen Bodensee Airport

airline consulting

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